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Frequently Asked Trucking Questions

Owner Operator FAQs

Q: Does Star Line use 'recruiters' to get into contact with prospective new Owner Operators?

A: No. We attract new Owner Operators by word of mouth. Most Owner Operators that join Star Line meet an existing Owner Operator out on the road or at a fuel station. They ask how it is to work with Star Line and get into contact with us after finding out initial information.

Q: Do you have 24/7 dispatchers?

A: Yes. Primary office hours are 6am-4pm. There is a 24/7 dispatcher on call for emergency items.

Q: How would you describe your safety culture at Star Line:

A: We are serious about safety. We hold in person and remote safety meetings to communicate the ever evolving best practices in trucking and customer service. We also utilize former State Patrol roadside inspectors to help us challenge false violations. We also work with State and Federal agencies as needed.

Q: What is the onboarding process for Owner Operators?

A: Initial conversation, review driving record/experience, review equipment safety, and make a determination if we are a good fit for each other.

Q: Do you have any discounted services that leased Owner Operators have access to?

A: yes. We provide our Owner Operators with optional cost saving vendors/services for fuel, repair, and insurance to name a few.

Client FAQs

Q: How long has Star Line been in business?

A: We have been operating since 1961.

Q: Why does Star Line work specifically with Owner Operators?

A: We find that we are able to provide our clients with a higher degree of service with Owner Operators. We work with entrepreneurial small business owners that we have a shared 'vision' with. These Operators have a stake in fulfilling our customer commitments safely and effectively.

Q: Does Star Line offer logistical coordination for large orders?

A: Yes, we are able to handle load coverage for large orders at a specific customer communicated cadence. We are able to provide daily updates with anticipated load completion as needed.

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